Welcome to the home of Mark Bowen’s fine art. You can view more of my art at our web site interiordesignfineart.com or pinterest or call us at 1.877.420.7210

Feel free to comment on any images or art you see. I aim to post information here about how I produce my art so stay tuned. Meanwhile here is some information on my viewpoint about art and my background.

Mark Bowen

Having trained in filmmaking, photography, mixed media and painting – principal visual artist Mark Bowen sees the world in a different light. I don’t have one visual artist style. I view art from all over the world and appreciate different artist’s styles. I have learned that I see things differently. As is similar with musicians or actors I borrow influences from different genres. If there are some commonality in my work it’s that I see the beauty in things around me and I notice that some aspects of our world need to change. I consider myself to be at the intersection of painting and photography with a dash of journalism thrown in

Every landscape and every scene has its own energy just like people do. I’ll visit landscapes at different times of the day in different light and look at different vantage points and details. I try to see things that most won’t notice. Sometimes I walk around in a place for hours just to get a sense of the place.

Photography is just my starting point and I professionally capture a composition and lighting that is pleasing to me. But it’s only that – a starting point. I will combine various images which I consider raw material and completely alter the colour palette, combine images and sometimes I will paint them. I alter images in many different ways to suit my taste.

I print on various materials including unique materials such as metals, acrylic, and fine art papers. These materials are exquisite. The look they create is very unique.

My recent work is more abstract and painterly where the emphasis is on colour, line, shape, texture rather than an overall landscape scene.

Each collection is unique and tells its own story. I hope you find that they speak to you, move you or just please you to look at them in your home environment.”

Heart and Art

I’m always making new discoveries about life which fuels my art. I’m now less concerned about technical aspects of what I do (they are second nature for me now). Colour, texture, line, shape, composition are important but there is a spiritual nature to what I do that just can’t be ignored. I’m drawn to capture unique aspects of a place or person, it’s an energy that attracts my attention sometimes I take it in a millisecond and at other times I can sit for hours. I guess to quote Arthur Rainville it’s my way of combining heart and art in an artistic way.

More recently I have been working on composite art and adding painting techniques

Painting has been adding to the mix in that I choose colour palettes that are painterly, I choose saturated colors, blend layers over top of each other and choose colour pallets that are analogous, or complimentary. I also add brush strokes on my digital works. In addition my top coat such as resin coats or wax are pure painting magic.

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